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Highlights: Everton 1-0 Chelsea (English Premier League, 22.5.11)

1-0 Beckford 75'

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nieuwland144054d ago

Bad luck Chelsea, it would of been a fantastic comeback if they had beaten Man u at Old Trafford, but you can't always get what you wish for. Next year Chelsea will be back and stronger and win the league and CL!

DavidLuiz44054d ago

Need a whole new make over.. lets try to get new midfielders and a solid forward to replace Drogba (Lukaku)

genocidegeneral2154054d ago

look at your defence as beckford destoryed it lol,
and a solid forward? wasnt that the point in buying the 50 mil jinx?

DavidLuiz44054d ago


- Defense , we got one of the best defense in the world , Alot of defenders have mistakes idoit , did you see blackpool own goal , did you see west bromiwich own goal , this wasnt our year at all , we had a chance last game and we got messed up because david luiz gave up 2 chances and let them score - Next season i doubt we will get a new make over sense carlos ancelotti got sacked today

and i dont even know why we brought that 50 million dollar jinx for? still hasnt scored , and this is one reason we need a player like sturridge back!!! and let these old players go on , and get a new squad of full youngsters who could level up and beat teams like Manchester United

Sahil4053d ago

Nice goal from beckford :)