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A Chelsea statement regarding Carlo Ancelotti


Chelsea Football Club can confirm that Carlo Ancelotti parted company with the club today (Sunday, 22 May).

The owner and board would like to thank Carlo for his contribution and achievements since taking over as manager in July 2009, which included winning the Double for the first time in the club's history.

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karim3638d ago

Can't fu**ing believe it !

Last season,he won the ****ing double,and this season SACKED

WTF is wrong with this club,that's why we'll never be as successful as Man United...

Bye Bye Carlo,you walk out as a legend <3

freeduck3638d ago

Agreed. He is a fantastic manager, he really deserves better than the crap Abromovich and the fans give him.

NewMonday3638d ago

the big mistakes was sacking Mourinho, and letting Man U buy Rooney without contest.

if the "special One" was allowed to have the same freedom and backing Fergi gets he would have turned the club into a true dinasty , and win 5-6 premierships and one or 2 Euro cups.

Mozilla893638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

I agree as well, I don't understand why the club thinks that changing a manager after one trophyless season actually helps.

First they undermine him by taking away Ray Wilkins and then fire him for not winning a trophy.

guigsy3638d ago

Chelsea are becoming like Real Madrid, throw a shit load of money at the manager and if he doesn't win the league or champions league in his first season he's sacked. This is why Man Utd and Barca are champions and Chelsea and Madrid aren't.

DavidLuiz43638d ago

Nothing much to say nomore , you said it all - Chelsea wont ever be successful like Manchester united

Vherostar3637d ago

Chelseas owners the problem with that squad and is the only reason they never won champions league. Forcing Ancelotti to buy Torres and forcing him to play him. Then when it dont work out because he played Torres he sacks him..

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zico3638d ago

BIG MISTAKE CHELSEA. Next year not top 4 no matter what or which manager you get. Sacking one of the best manager in the world. What are you thinking about!

Sahil3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

I'd miss his "EYEBROW-RAISING" interviews! :)


So everytime Man Utd win the league, the Chelsea manager is sacked? Seriously Roman give em a break.

Sahil3638d ago

Can't fcuking believe it.. no TOP manager will come to the club, if it goes on like this!

Vherostar3637d ago

They will they get a 4 years contract which means nice big pay off when sacked. Real managers looking for a challenge wont though

zootang3637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

"will come to the club" rather than, Will go to the club?

So you are a chelsea fan then?

Sahil3637d ago

"So you are a chelsea fan then?"

I've never seen a BIGGER IDIOT than you, seriously!!

am an "ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE" fan, you moron!!

zootang3637d ago

Caught you out didn't I! Premier League fan? So you will be supporting Man Utd on Saturday? Thought not.

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

Sahil3637d ago

WOW.. you're proving me right post by post with your idiotic replies..

"So you will be supporting Man Utd on Saturday? Thought not. "

saturday is CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, you fool!!!!!

this is how dumb a united fan can be..LOL

kulka3637d ago

That's what you call job security and stabillity no way chelsea are going to win anything new players needed chemistry needed

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The story is too old to be commented.