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Dare Hiddink risk what can be a graveyard for reputations?

The men who do Roman Abramovich's bidding at Chelsea wasted no time yesterday in toppling the sixth manager to work for the Russian billionaire – which makes you believe that the next candidate has already been lined up.

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zootang4060d ago

Why would any manager want to risk their reputation, especially at a small club like Chelsea?

Mozilla894059d ago

I'm glad such a small club has so much of your attention.

zootang4059d ago

A good manager gets sacked, of course it will get any fans attention and is a joke. Chelsea are just a laughing stock.

KazumaKiryu4059d ago

zootang, this will probably be the only time that I'll ever agree with you lol.

Vherostar4058d ago

Any manager will take the job if he's either greedy (for the massive cheque) or because he's a loon and doesn't care what he's getting into. I will lose respect for any manager who takes over that team. In fact I will lose respect for any player that joins them knowing exactly how much of an embarrassment the owner is to the club. Why go there when you can go to other teams for same cash? And with CL too.