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Ronaldo unhappy over lack of trophies

Cristiano Ronaldo may have written his name into the Primera Division record books and won his first trophy as a Real Madrid player this season, but he admits he cannot be 100% happy with how the campaign turned out.

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freeduck4050d ago

Did he really think he went to Madrid to win trophies?

He did it for $$$

DavidLuiz44050d ago

He doesnt care about being the player in the world nomore as i see it , he just wants to win something special with real madrid like every player out there in the world

zeddy4050d ago

i think they'll win the champs league next season, they have a really strong team and it will get stronger.

KingPin4049d ago

A team full of superstars who cannot play together is not a strong team.

soccer is a team sport. look at the current manchester united side. 1-2 superstars but the team as a whole play good football and are in the champions league final. sure, they not as strong as man utd sides of past but they sure arent a walk over.

Snakefist304049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

MARK MY WORDS Real Madrid will win the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Next season.Jose just perfected the Real Team watch the match against almeria everyone played like a team even ronaldo!

DiffusionE4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

Teamwork >> Individual Performance. And maybe next season you should think about scoring all those goals when they matter most - when playing against Barcelona.

krazykombatant4049d ago

When Playing against barca in the UEFA teamwork matters but something else does too and thats the refs.

However, I think Real have a genuine chance at winning it all next season.

DiffusionE4049d ago

Like Howard Webb, right?

Infernostew4049d ago

If he wanted to win trophies he should've stayed at United.

sokrates4049d ago

True! He has lost all my respect long time ago. He did great this season though. To bad he cant pass the ball. Maybe that would help his team more than his 50 goals.

Snakefist304049d ago

He pass the ball more than anyone else actually!

sokrates4049d ago

like 14 goal assists... and 50 goals. Messi has 28 goal assists this season. Thats the double...