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Ryan Giggs named as sex cheat soccer star by MP

RYAN Giggs’s desperate bid to keep his name out of the papers over an alleged secret affair with Imogen Thomas was doomed from the moment he threatened to sue Twitter users for outing him.

The married dad-of-two sparked a furious ­backlash with tweeters bombarding the social networking site in their thousands to name him.

And his farcical attempts at hiding behind a court gagging order finally came to an end yesterday when Lib Dem MP John Hemming told the Commons the former Wales international was the ­footballer who had the alleged six-month fling with 28-year-old Big Brother star Imogen.

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Sahil4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

I just saw the greatest picture of Ryan Giggs, Notice the billboard... LOL

BTW, The only way Ryan Giggs will win this court case against Twitter is if Howard Webb is the judge.

DiffusionE4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

And he just might be as well. That is, if David Gill has anything to say about it. LOL!

zootang4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )


Delusional! I guess your not too clued up. The FA have had it in for Sir Alex and United this season and we still triumphed.

I take offence at you calling our great League corrupt, by insinuating a match official is bias. You are just a joke and should be ashamed. Stop looking for excuses as to why Liverpool can't compete.

karim4058d ago

"The FA have had it in for Sir Alex and United this season and we still triumphed."

Ah,you mean when Rooney's deliberate and disgraceful elbow went unnoticed

zootang4058d ago


Hardly even touched him, the press was out for us again. If that was a red there must be at least 10 a week for people trying to jostle for position. You thought that was a red?

theEx1Le4058d ago

There is no way in hell you can pass off a jumping elbow to the face OFF the ball as jostling for position.

zootang4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

I'd say it didn't look as bad as this which never went punished. I think you lot are just biased. Gerrard does it is okay, Rooney does it and should be banned. Joke!

Sahil4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

"I take offence at you calling our great League corrupt, by insinuating a match official is bias."

Ohhhh.. when fergie said somethn about martin atkinson, it was sweet.. it was not offensive..


"Stop looking for excuses as to why Liverpool can't compete."



zootang4058d ago

ME!! PICKING FIGHTS!! You are the one going on in United articles.

You support Liverpool you always look to our club be it for results or just to moan about how we get some kind of special treatment.

Fergie cleans the League up by pointing out the wrong and gets punished for it. Yet you say we have bias refs??? What???

Go home, you have proven this season you know nothing about football

Sahil4058d ago

You are unbelievable. I just posted a news article and you made an issue out of it.

I was just being funny in the first post, if you really ADMIRE RYAN GIGGS, then it shudn't bother you :)


I've lost count how many times Sahil and Zootang have argued this week.

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cozmo1954057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

well i think it's OVER 9000!!!!!!(

sokrates4058d ago

My point of view is that this is no news for anyone. I am sick and tired of reading who fucks who. I want to see Giggs score goals- what he does outside of Old Trafford is non of my business.

silvacrest4057d ago

the thing is, giggs made it 100 times worse then it had to be, if it was just a normal footballer affair it would have been long forgotten by now

adding the super injunctions crap just made everyone wonder and speculate endlessly untill the truth came out

karim4058d ago

It has been the worst kept internet secret ever...100% sure they won't make it as big as Terry's and Cole's

KingsCross4058d ago

This "secret" has ended up being a question about how to follow the LAW in Britain. It means this case is HUGE and gonna be mentioned for a long time. You know, like the BOSMAN- case., It might be "like the GIGGS case". Could have been a case with a popstar, a politician or any kind of celeberty. It happend to GIGGS.

Sahil4058d ago

it won't be as much as terry and cole because giggs is a welshman, if he would've been english, then god knows.

silvacrest4057d ago

sarcasm aside, giggs should have just done the dirty and whatever happens afterwards happens

the injunction crap just brought more attention to it, i think it is already bigger in cole/terry

4058d ago
kulka4058d ago

Giggs is a professional she obviously provoked him people think it's an easy choice but if i had an attractive woman chasing me human instincts would work it out :P

silvacrest4057d ago

giggs is a millionaire, he could pay any high end pro for anonymous sex

instead he choose the former reality star who was soon losing the public's interest


There's no such thing as anonymous sex with millionaire footballers.

silvacrest4057d ago

my point is, if he choose some no name pro instead of a former reality TV star, no one would care

gaden_malak4057d ago

Or he know..not get married and do whoever he wants without this.

mastiffchild4057d ago

Yeh. Like Terry before him he asked for the current intrusion by being so arrogant in thinking he had some right to cover up something any other person would have had to just deal with had they behaved in such a sad and disgusting manner.

Giggs has always passed himself off as a sensible and devoted man(to his club,fans and wife etc)and Ican see the temptation in trying toget away with it but,really,he was either thick as two short Ashley Coles or very badly advised by someone trying to make a buck out of his inability to behave the way he claimed he did.

When it comes down to it the ony people who're really involved and he REALLY should be sorry to are his family who must have known ANYWAY so the injuction was always idiotic in my eyes. Whatever, it's just made it worse for him and made him look colder and more calculating than he probably is-he's probably just a bit dim. should have kept it in his pants, mind but at least, unlike Terry, he won't have another pro footballer who stoopped seeing the object of his affair AAAAAGES ago that wants to make out he's been stabbed in the heart!Wayne Bridge made me laugh my head off with his antics about what Terry did-if he was arsed why wasn't he still with her? you can't moan about what a woman does,or who with, when you stopped seeing her FFS!

So at least Ryan hasn't got an over sensitive tool stirring it up for him! Trying to sue Twitter, though, was an act of idiotic genius that ONLY a prem footballer could be arrogant, deluded and stupid enough to even consider let alone actually try. Funny that it's squeaky clean Giggsy, though, funny. Footballers, eh?

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