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Messi expects tough United test

Lionel Messi expects a different Manchester United to the one Barcelona beat in the 2009 Champions League final as they prepare for Wembley.

Messi scored the second goal in Rome as Barca beat United 2-0 to seal a treble of Primera Division, Copa del Rey and Champions League titles in coach Pep Guardiola's first season in charge.

"I have good memories of the final in Rome, but that's in the past," said Messi.

"All finals are different and this will be a totally different game to that one - United have changed (some of) their players and it will be different."

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KingsCross4053d ago

He has respect, and thats good. But this is a match Barcelona is gonna win. EASY. United has not one player that can be compared to the staring 11 of Barca.

zootang4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Barca to win it after Cheating on the way to the final? Joke!

Van Der Sar > Valdez
Evra > Adriano
Vidic > Pique
Rio < Puyol
Rafael = Alves
Carrick > Busquets
Scholes = Iniesta
Fletcher < Xavi
Park > Pedro
Rooney > Villa
Chicharito < Messi

United 6 Barca 3 Equal 2

That my opinion anyway. We are underdogs but we can do it. I just hope Barca think the same way you do. It's written in the stars for our Fergie boys to emulate the Busby babes!

sokrates4053d ago

?? I admit Messi had a great season. Xavi runs more than a lot, but so do Rooney. I think its a totally open match. Barca won last time, This trophee stays in england!