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Ferguson wins LMA gong

Sir Alex Ferguson was on Monday night named Manager of the Year by his fellow league managers.

Ferguson was also named the Barclays Premier League manager of the year following Manchester United's title triumph, and picked up a special merit award for having passed 2,000 matches as manager.

Speaking at the LMA awards dinner in London via video link from Old Trafford, Ferguson said: "It's a wonderful honour - it has been a fantastic season for us in the most difficult league in the world."

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zootang4052d ago

He is the best manager of our generation and possibly ever!

sokrates4052d ago

No doubt about that. What he did when Rooney wanted to leave earlier this season proves ervything. Its been said he has a big ego, but he showed us that Ferguson has a big intellegence for managing and a big heart for United. He does what is best for the club: yes, no matter what!

KingsCross4052d ago

I want to follow Morinho a few more years before I crwon him the best. But, he has amazing results, hard to beat.

zootang4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

People forget United hadn't won a League trophy for a good 20 years. Porto had a winning team when Mourinho took over. Sir Alex has built from nothing. Mourinho has yet to. Anyone can have amazing results with a 200m balance.

Vherostar4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Erm Fergies had cash to splash too though looking at your side in recent years its hard to spot more than 2 quality players you havn't bought so quit with the money crap I mean you. Bang on about how much profit your club makes every year but your 700 million in debt why you think that is?? That money was spent on PLAYERS. You were one of the first teams to go around smashing the records for players. I remember as a kid when they signed Andy Cole for 7 million nobody had seen anything like that back then.

Then when the Americans took over you went bigger with around 30 million for Rio and Rooney each and 34 for Berbatov. That's near 100 million there. You call City but they only spent over 30 million on 3 players robinho, dzeko and toure everybody else was under 30 million. You guys dont even know your own clubs history damn band-waggon followers make me sick!

However on topic Fergie deserves the award as I honestly think he won the title this year and he didn't have the best squad available compared to recent years and it should have been Chelseas again so he definitely deserves it. I also think Man United are lucky to have such a great manager.

ad4mb4052d ago

@Vherotool, you have no idea at all about what you are talking about. United are in debt because its the glazers debt that was carried to united you idiot.

Vherostar4050d ago

Ah that's what you think eh?? Only half that debt came from the glazers not all of it. You just proved my point. my, my there are more band waggon followers on here than I thought. Just keep it up will you?? But it still doesn't change the fact you been buying the league and Europe since the 90's.

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4052d ago