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New Man City 2011/12 Away Kit

We are big fans of this new Man City effort, clearly looks like an AC Milan attempt but with horizontal stripes on the sleeves, which looks a tad odd, still a pretty nice shirt though.

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sokrates4057d ago

They want to copy AC Milan. The only thing it has to do with City is that it is really ugly!

Vherostar4057d ago

So oooooooold City copied AC Milan with black and red many many years ago when they dominated football thinking it would bring them luck and it did in a way and became part of our history so year back in the past it was copying them but no longer it's part of our history now.

RedDevils4057d ago

I don't even know what are you trying to say, let me guess you saying the shirt doesn't look like AC Milan shirt? Anyway they should at least do their home kit into Inter one as it blue too

b163o14056d ago

They use to wear these back in the 60's, so there doing throwbacks. So many people hate City! Ready to pounce on anything they do, its HILARIOUS!

Vherostar4056d ago

Exactly the sad thing is they dont even know anything about there own club most the time silly band waggon followers on here.

johnsonbat4057d ago

Good looking shirt, however Tevez would still be as ugly as ever in it.

Tommykrem4057d ago

Different. Okay, but completely flops when combined with the logo.