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Allegri: Mourinho pathetic and insecure

AC Milan coach Massimiliano Allegri has hit out at Jose Mourinho, labelling the Real Madrid boss "pathetic" and "insecure".

Allegri, who has just led Milan to their first Serie A title in seven years, came up against Mourinho in the group stages of this season's Champions League - with Real beating the Rossoneri at home and drawing at the San Siro.

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Sahil4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

everyone's taking a shot at him, lately :)

DiffusionE4057d ago

He does look like a human-bullseye.

no_more_heroes4057d ago

That's how he takes pressure off his players. All the focus is on him: what he does and what he might do, not his team.

zootang4056d ago

Just like Sir Alex. These boys don't have a clue.

Anderson84055d ago

theyll all love him again when madrid win the champions league

Maradona4055d ago

Do you really think they can win CL? First they must show that they can win the league. They are miles away from Barca.

Anderson84055d ago

yea i think its possible they're good enough.. they aren't as good as barca but they dont have to be to win the champions league or la liga they just need luck or a decision or 2 in a season to go their way

BLACKBOIJONES4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

Mourinho is a legend...Fuck the haters.

Barca is a cheat....Against chelsea couple of seasons ago and now against real.

I hope man united in the words of SIR ALEX "BATTER THEM" @ wembly.

Glory glory man united.....The reds r marching on.

DavidLuiz44056d ago

@ BlackBoiJones - I like that , Agree with u 100% - 1st chelsea
2nd Inter Milan ( Jose Mourinho )
3rd Real Madrid 2 times - ( Jose Mourinho )

It has happened to Jose alot and he got pissed, any body would be... and Barcelona arent going to lose i bet, they play good football but are " Cheaters " Shaking on the floor, falling , jumping up and down is how they hurt them selfs..... all a cheat from what i see in futball and Real madrid are always getting effed up by barca because of the little cheating plays they do everyday

thetorontokid4055d ago

In the little corner of the world where I'm from which has two world cups, and many professional players scoreing goals in Leagues all over the world, it's called, futbol.
Compared to many i know very little when it comes to futbol, just like i know alot compared to others *cough*cough*
Real Madrid won Copa del Rey, they played better than Barca in the first half(and not by much), but thats it. If you saw the game you would know that Bara owned in the second half and in extra time. Real had one chance and they scored to win, (great play by DiMaria). No excuses, gols win games, part of futbol. Just like losing is which Mou does not know how to do! Excsuses are always for the losers, and Mourinho always has one!
Barcelona is a real team, they play as a unit, they mold there players to their system. Todays Real Madrid just goes for what the market value says is the best player(ronaldo), coach(mourinho) no vision. Para el fubol se necesita vision.
By the way Manu has a world class team, it's gonna be a great final. just enjoy the game mate

thetorontokid4055d ago

You my friend, just like Mourinho! Are a jackass!

DavidLuiz44055d ago

Well You my freind dont know futball at all, just go watch barca play some boring football against top teams in Europe but then when there not a top team , they attack like nothing thinking there good.

- Real madrid v Barcelona ( Copa Del Ray) Who won huh? I hear real madrid and it was also a fair game , did you see jose complaining at all? dont think so dont try to act like you know what your talking about little mate

Anderson84055d ago

i've seen barca play great football againt many top teams in europe(they ripped arsenal to shreds)... however, they do always have the favorings of match officials and uefa.. and their diving, play acting and surrounding the ref for every decision is disgraceful so i guess tere is some truth in your ramblings

sickshot694055d ago

i expected mourinho to be a better unstoppable with real but so far he has had more success with inter

Anderson84055d ago

inter where already the best team in italy when he took over and he didnt win the champions league till his 2nd season there so give it a yr or 2

SephireX4056d ago

Contrary to this article, Mourinho is not a Jew hater and Allegri is not God.

yoshiro4056d ago

Mourinho pathetic and insecure yet the best coach that ever lived

Tomkar4055d ago

Allegri when you win your "triplete" open your mouth you filth!