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Arsenal Transfer Prospects: Bendtner or Benzema, Who Should Wenger Choose?

The 2010/2011 English Premier League season officially concluded on Sunday with Sir Alex Ferguson's Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United securing their 19th triumph.

Although there is still a much anticipated UEFA Champions League Final to be performed in the coming days, World Football has largely turned their attention to the up coming Summer Transfer Window.

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no_more_heroes4051d ago

I want to say give Bendtner a proper chance, but the prospect of Benzema playing for us is very enticing.

Yi-Long4050d ago

... Ryo on the left wing, Walcott on the right wing, Van Persie right behind him, and Nasri in central midfield.

They would need a really good defensive midfielder though, which they have been lacking for years now.

Why waste many millions on a Benzema who will score perhaps only a few more goals!? That money is better used for other positions, like the midfield, the keeper, and the defensive line.

Sahil4050d ago

Obviously, benzema.. bentdner hasn't got to play many matches this season and it's coz he aint that good.