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Jack Wilshere: 'If you get in their faces, Barça seem to ease off in the second half'

The greatest praise you could accord Jack Wilshere on the night Arsenal beat Barcelona 2-1 at the Emirates in the first leg of their Champions League last 16 tie in February was thus: if there was one man in the home team who looked like he was good enough to play for the opposition then it was the 19-year-old.

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zootang4055d ago

Sounds like he wants to make the move up north.

zootang4055d ago

Would be a good signing but he's Arsenal through and through. Although he did say we (united) are better, strange?

no_more_heroes4055d ago

He's saying they are better equipped defensively because they have runners who will do better at getting in Barca's face. It's no secret that Man Utd have much better, more aggressive defensive tactics than Arsenal (before anyone says anything, aggressive is not the same as dirty).

He also says this:
"I think it will be Barcelona because of the way they play. It's the way Arsenal play and the football I like. So if anyone deserves to win, it's Barcelona."