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Highlights: Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United (UEFA Champions League Final - 28/05/11)

1-0 Pedro 27'
1-1 Rooney 34'
2-1 Messi 54'
3-1 Villa 69'

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no_more_heroes4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Man Utd's overall performance was a bit better than two years ago, despite ending up with a worse scoreline. However, the better team won. No play-acting, no help from the ref.


wantedboys4744d ago

they donot need to cheat aganist Man Utd they did their part in the semi final aganist Real Madrid because they know the only team can win against barcelona is Real Madrid and they did and please guys do not tell me that Barcelona did not cheat aganist Real Madrid. FIFA is Corrupted and wait and see what will happen in June everything will Exposed wait and see.


Get over it...Dont act bias..Im a man u fan and i admit many choices that went our way to win the league for a 19th time was not all correct....Fact is fact and Barca was better than man u.

Tommykrem4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

Consider this: Both Manchester United and Real Madrid have far more money than Barcelona. Which one is more likely to actually have bribed UEFA (which is the organization that actually arranges Champitns League, not FIFA)? Barca might've played dirty against Madrid, but they didn't really need to, and the red cards given in the last el classicos? None of them really that strange. Barca got a penalty against them and a red card themselves in the last matches, despite definitely playing less rough than Real Madrid.

ProjectVulcan4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

Barcelona are richer than Man utd. They both have large debts, however Barcelona's are self inflicted, and Man Utd's are entirely because of retarded american owners rather than careless overspending. Barca's revenue is second only to Real madrid. Get your facts straight. The Spanish giants have more revenue than anyone because they can sell their television rights independently to the highest bidder whereas something like the premier league has always been a collective deal.

Barcelona are the finished article and have peaked at the perfect time as most of the major european clubs are at their weakest for many, many years. Man Utd and arguably Real Madrid are closest to them, but Madrid are still in the process of rebuilding and Man Utd are a side crying out for a regeneration especially in the midfield. They have been for nearly 2 years- everyone knew this before last night's game.

Barcelona are worthy winners and nothing should take away their right to be Kings of Europe. It is now up to the rest to raise up their standards and reconstruct. Ac Milan, Inter, Madrid, Man Utd, Chelsea, Bayern etc will all willingly take up the gauntlet with buys this summer. Roll on next season.


Assneal we still better than u and chelsea we stil better than u..We held da flag for england 2nite.....We have 3 champions league medals and we r now d best team in england.

Man u for life (-_-)

DavidLuiz44744d ago

hahahahhahahaaha - 3-1 is even better for u , lol hahaha, yall got smashed by the best team in the world once again like 2 years ago... I wished Some other team like Bayern Munich was playing ... because Man u are just Boring .... lol hahahaha - yall may be better then chelsea and i will give u that but look what just happened to yall thinking yall were going to go in there and win something which yall didnt and everyone disagree on me i dont care hahahahahahha - fun match to watch win man u defence were getting done... once nani got in , Messi crossed him and the ball went to Pedro cuz of the defene then the balll sent to villa and took his pleasure time to score in the upper corner lol hahahhahahahahahahha - ay blackboijoes, wanna know a fact ?

- You got beat 2 TIMES IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE BY THE SAME TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3-1 hahahaha

wantedboys4744d ago

Why people are blind, Barcelona went to final by cheating and play acting I don’t think the best team in the world will use these can of method to win 2nd time it happen against Chelsea and now Real Madrid I am not saying they did not deserve to win against Man Utd but they did not deserve to be in the final what they did not the semifinal not something simple to do people. Please people do not get angry from the truth. The truth always hurts believe it or not Barcelona is the not the best team in the world.


What are you on about? Chelsea got beat by Man Utd twice in the Champions League this year. You're making it sound like we lost to a crap team but the fact is 3 Champions League finals in 4 years is a great acheivement. There is no shame in losing to Barca, they beat us the same way they beat Arsenal and R.Madrid this year.

Big_Dom4743d ago

Isn' 5 better than 3? opps, I wonder who has that many Euro Cups.

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Anderson84744d ago

it must be said the better team won.. we didnt play badly but no team can win without the ball and barca are the masters at keeping it.. congrats to them


madrid are not the only team that can beat barca..

badz1494744d ago

but Sir Alex made many bad decisions for the game! Park, Valencia and Carrick shouldn't have been on the pitch! Park was totally being shut down, Carrick was dreaming and Valencia...looked like a girl during a period!

zico4743d ago

the reason they played bad was because they met a much better team. You mention Park, Valencia, Carrick (you could also mention Giggs and Hernandez), but Barca players were too good, and with a ballpossession with 80% United players was running around without getting the ball.

I don`t think starting with Scholes, Anderson and/or Nani would be a better choice.

guigsy4743d ago

I disagree, I think we were worse than two years ago. The stats show we had more possession and more shots on target than last night. Plus Barcas team is better than two years ago and ours is worse. Missed Fletcher's drive but I still don't think he would've affected the outcome.

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Sahil4744d ago

FC Barcelona.. always a pleasure to watch :)

Corepred44744d ago

Yes they're a very very skilled and great team. but pleasure to watch? no! very boring. congrats on their win though. they thoroughly outplayed man u.

LovIbra4744d ago

...boring to watch??!!?? How do you want to see football? This must be the best team ever, and I did enjoy all this 90 minuts of this final.

United started the match best (first 10), but after taht it was all Barcas match, and fantastic football.

Corepred44744d ago

Didn't say they weren't good. And yes boring. But that's just how Barca have always played. Works for them but I hate it cause I can never fully get into watching their games. Oh well. Til next season.

Anderson84744d ago

would you prefer to watch birmingham vs blackburn and see long balls every 30 secs?

freeduck4744d ago

There we have it. The better team won it. Barca, minus the first 10 minutes, were dominant and better the entire game. Let the Man Utd fans admit that they were outclassed, no excuses this time. Barca could've (and should've) scored a few more but a win is a win, so congrats to them on a wonderful season.
Oh, and Valencia was disgraceful for all those tackles and fouls.


@freeduck...Fair enough barca where better...But man u r still da best team in england..!!!!!....Yes u have 5 champions league medals but we have 3 and we have over taken ur record.

Hate it or love it Red devils r still da best in england and loserpool r still waiting to win the league.


You wanna know why Man Utd fans are hated? It's because of immature unsporting comments like that. Seriously grow up.

Big_Dom4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

Ah, United fans. Forever obsessed with Liverpool in everything they do. It's almost as if Liverpool FC define who you are. Sad.

guigsy4743d ago

Yeah Valencia was disgraceful and yet Busquets's injury antics were perfectly acceptable were they? Valencia's strength can be his downfall at times, especially in Europe where players go down so easily.

crazyturkey4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

The expected result nothing more nothing less, Barca were and are the better team. Congratulations to Barcelona.


Cant really complain, the way Barcelona can keep possession is just awe inspiring. Best team in the world by miles. I've said it before and I'll say it again, our midfield needs serious sorting out this summer.

zeddy4744d ago

and i actually thought giggs and carrick would keep the ball better, how wrong was i.

Prophet1124744d ago

Honestly, Evra let me down big time, he was more concerned about playing as a central defender instead of left back e.g. First goal and 3rd goal, why the hell was Nani(RW)doing Evra's job at LB . Also as the game went on United allowed them way too much space to dribble in front of goal.