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Manchester United 1-3 Barcelona: The Good, the Bad and the Michael Carrick

And so it was that two seasons on from the 2009 debacle in Rome, Barcelona were to condemn Manchester United to yet another defeat. And this time it would come to pass at Wembley which is arguably home turf for United after the number of Charity Shields, FA Cups and Carling Cups they have contested there.

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kulka4052d ago

Xavi Hernandez passing accuracy was 95% in a champions league final this is unbelivable my favourite midfielder of all time

guigsy4052d ago

Xavi 74 passes, Carrick 19 passes. That alone shows the difference between the two sides.

ohahCantona4051d ago

Barca and United have two different styles of playing. We can not compare the % number of passes with who was/is best.

The most important is to win footballmatches, and this final Barca was the best and did win. Next match maybe United will win though Xavis 95% passings