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Arsenal midfielder Alex Song: we need a stronger mentality against lower teams

Alex Song is convinced that Arsenal need to adopt same strong mentality they demonstrate when playing against top table teams in matches against lower placed clubs if they want to avoid disappointment next season.

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no_more_heroes4047d ago

No sh*t, butt-munch! No more words, just actions.

crazyturkey4047d ago

Biggest problem is that Arsenal has no plan B, no matter who they play minus Barca, they always try to play the exact same way. Sometimes they need to try something different for different teams.

rafay4047d ago

Totally agree with golden_cannon! Stop talking and play! Arsenal love to talk and talk... Wenger has a documented opinion about everything, but no game plan in most of the games! They need to concentrated on playing, not thinking about what to say when they lose!