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Highlights: Reading 2-4 Swansea (English Championship Play-Off Final - 30/05/11)

0-1 S. Sinclair 21'(pen)
0-2 S. Sinclair 22'
0-3 S. Dobbie 40'
1-3 J. Allen 49'(og)
2-3 M. Mills 57'
2-4 S. Sinclair 80'(pen)

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ohahCantona4046d ago

next year I hope Leeds will be back again... But congrats Swansea, and welcome to EPL

LovIbra4046d ago

A Welsh team in EPL, interresting. and hat-trick from Sinclair, I hope and think Swansea will surprise next year

no_more_heroes4046d ago

I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. A Welsh team in an English competition? Might as well open the damn thing up to Scotland and both Irelands and change the name to the Great British Premier League then.

Not that I have anything against Swansea or anything. I quite like how they play. It's just pants-on-head retarded.

LovIbra4046d ago

Agree, but would be interresting seeing Rangers and Celtic in EPL.