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Official releases pictorial evidence

This is a picture of the money that a Caribbean football official says he was offered following a presentation by FIFA presidential candidate Mohamed bin Hammam.

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zico4044d ago

FIFA - what a corrupt organization....


I know fifa is corrupt...In fact every major company in the world is corrupt but i call fake on this pic...Any body can take a pic of a bag filled with money and claim it is a bribe...If the pic had a fifa offical in it giving him the bag of money then i will blive but i call BS.


I kind of feel ashamed when I play FIFA 11 now.


No need to feel ashamed...Its just a game.

DiffusionE4044d ago

Can't believe the biggest sport in the world is run by these corrupt, incompetent numbskulls.

wantedboys4044d ago

This is just the beginning worse will come soon

guigsy4044d ago

Get rid of them, all the decisions they make are a joke. No to goal line technology, yes to a Quatar World Cup.

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