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Scholes calls it a day

Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes has announced his retirement from football with immediate effect.

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It was inevitable, without doubt one of the greatest midfielders to play for Manchester United. We salute you.
Now the worrying part, who's gonna replace him?

zootang4045d ago

It's horrible to watch your heroes retire. I've had enough! Solskjaer, Neville, Van Der Sar, Scholes and next up Giggs. I can't take it!


... and then Sir Alex will be next. That will be the darkest day for every United fan.


@CYBERSNAKE Have no fear in who will replace him....Im a man unted fan as well and they is one thing i know is that sir alex always has a way of finding new great talents...Dont worry..The great coach knows what he is doing.

RedDevils4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

No one can replace SCHOLESY! but there will be players that will do part of Scholes job tho, I hope Pogba, Tunnicliffe and Morrison will emerge from the academy to replace them. Our Legend will retire but they will remain at the club to help the youngster so it not really that bad


What can i say..He never was a good tackler of the ball..In fact he may b the most red carded united player in midfieldlol..but u still gotta love him...The goal he scored against aston villa is my best goal he scored.

zeddy4045d ago

dam shame, whos going to supply those perfect 60 yard passes now? dont think theres anyone else who can do this consistantly.

Infernostew4045d ago

Rooney can. I mean, it's only a matter of time until he drops back to midfield.

zeddy4045d ago

dont think he'll play yet maybe when he's older.

RedDevils4044d ago

I think Norwood can do it, or maybe Matthew James although he is no consistence as he still young