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Jack Wilshere hoping to play alongside Josh McEachran for England in the future

Arsenal starlet Jack Wilshere has lauded Chelsea midfielder Josh McEachran and expressed his desire to play alongside the youngster for England in the future.

Wilshere, who has become one of the first names on Fabio Capello's team sheet in the heart of the Three Lions midfield in the past six months, believes that the national team have a bright future ahead of them, with a number of young players set to come to the fore.

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no_more_heroes4045d ago

Don't know/haven't seen too much of McEachran myself, but he's supposedly Chelsea's equivalent to Wilshere. If that's the case, then the English National Team could be in for some much needed creativity in the near future.

Mozilla894044d ago

McEachran is pretty good and a year or so younger than Wilshere but I'm afraid he won't develop as fast as Wilshere. Unless Chelsea's policy on younger player change he'll be stuck on loan or on the bench.

mastiffchild4043d ago

No, McEachran isn't "pretty" good and unlike the ludicrously lauded(and rightly so in terms of raw talent) Kakuta will NOT be sent on loan, I'm told, unless it's abroad and to a BIG club. Josh is the one youth player this season who impressed consistently at every level he plaed at at Chelsea and will be fixture in next years first team squad and depending on signings and who leaves I feel his chances will probably rocket this coming year. For the first time since, prolly, JT, Chelsea have a youngster they're certain of making near the top grade and would be idiots to allow Josh to wallow in the championship or a struggling Prem side who wouldn't suit his calm, time efficient and highly realised passing game-the fact he also has a couple of tricks to make even more time just underlines his class and the way he plays within himself at a young age is impressive to say the least.

If Josh can double his appearance count from this year(and Chelsea's idiotic cup debacles didn't help this year despite him nearly saving them on his own against Newcastle-which was the best performance from a Chelsea youngster in their first biggish game since Wilkins was a nipper!)then he'll be golden-don't worry about JM.

Sure, being at L'Arse would have given him more chances but he's already showing glimpses of more maturity than the likes of Ramsey and Rodwell and Wilshere is right to be singing the lad out. watched him as a twelve year old as I'd gone to watch a mates boy who was, nd still is, at Charlton, and he ran everything even back then and as the littlest lad on the pitch,. Waited ever since and seeing him emerge over the last 18 mnths has been brilliant.

Future Chelsea stalwart and more vision than anyone currently at the club barring maybe Luiz and Nico-as for Kakuta what I caught of his Fulham stint was typically a mix of genius and idiotic nonsense. If Gael can put a lid on the mad moments and make the most of his outrageous skills then the two of them should be being spoken of in the same terms as the likes of Iniesta (for Josh as it's who he's most like in prototype form of course)and a young Ronaldinho. big ifs but the talent is there if Chelsea can channel and unlock it. josh is more a cert than Gael right now, mind.

Sahil4044d ago

Both of them are great talents, have seen McEachran in few chelsea matches, england have got some quality youth players.. wilshere, caroll, mceachran, welbeck