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The philosophy at Barça's academy that has led to European glory

"I am not sure if players like Iniesta, Pedro, Messi or Xavi would have had any chance of making it to the top in England."

A stunning statement when you consider the performances of those players in the Champions League final humiliation of Manchester United on Saturday night, but an even more stunning one when it comes from the director of La Masia, Barcelona's youth talent academy, through which those stars passed.

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zico4201d ago

there are also many other good academies around Europe. Ajax has for example been successful for years.

The reason for Barca big success
1. that they have managed to bring out many good players in the same age.
2. Barcas policy is to play the same football philosophy from the youngest players and up.
3 and an important point is that they have a fabulous manager that dares to use players from their own academy, and that gets the players to believe in their own technical and tactical skills, skills that creates joy for football lovers worldwide

The_Nameless_One4201d ago

Fall on the ground and pretend like it's the worse injury you've had every time someone coughs on you???