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Iker Casillas: Real Madrid Would Have Beaten Manchester United At Wembley

Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas has claimed his team would have beaten Manchester United in the Champions League final at Wembley.

The 30-year-old believes the real final was actually played in the semi-final when Madrid crossed swords with fierce rivals Barcelona.

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zico4049d ago

Idiot. Do I hear an envied Casillas?

krazykombatant4049d ago

no that would be the sound of man u fans fairly pissed that they got rocked at a (pretty much) home game. Madrid played better, other than the 5-0, against barca.


Honestly I wouldn't call Wembley a '(pretty) much home game' for Man Utd, I can't remember the last time we produced a good performance there. Barca, Chelsea, Man City, Everton have all beaten us there, we even struggled to beat Aston Villa and Portamouth there. Wembley is almost like a curse for us.

zootang4048d ago

Barca put 5 past you at your actual home stadium, go away.

krazykombatant4048d ago

@ Zootang, that was at camp nou.. and we've played pretty damn well against the the rest of the season.

zootang4048d ago


I'm turning green, Argh!!

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Snakefist304049d ago

Its True Madrid can easily defeated Manchester Utd!

Rage_S904048d ago

you and casillas are obviously time travelling wizards

zeddy4049d ago

probably would beat us, only atleast the match would be competitive.

Ninjamonkey824049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

Nah i disagree see there is a difference and theres a reason why madrid this season when they have come to logerheads with Barca the games have been messy-i (Pardon the pun)

When Barca played united they finally got to play a team hense we did abit better this team compared to are last adtempt at them.

Yeah we where never gonna beat them but we had a glimmer of hope. But when we faced Barca last we had the same problem Madrid have now.

Ronaldo!! now for me that game was more about a team vs a personality instead of a football match and if that so called personality don't show up then you haven't got a game in the first place.

Hense recent games Barca vs Madrid. Team vs Personality. I think ronaldo is bad for teams not good. If i want a bit of fancy ill go buy me a show pony if i want a footballer ill go buy messi.

United would have beaten Real Madrid in the Finals.

Snakefist304049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

I DISAGREE Madrid hav more talented players then united and more attacking power and stronger midfield than united.U shud no that ronaldo became more of a team player this season and helping the team alot because of his and madrid players affort they were able to score 104 goals more than barca and If want to win everywhere in the world ill go BUY Cristiano.

Manchester United would never able to beat Real Madrid.

After Machester united got defeated by barca it has been proved the only teams who could defeat barca is Real Madrid and Arsenal.

Ninjamonkey824049d ago

Prove is in the cup game you won mate who scored for you Ronaldo! Who didn't score for you in the other three games Ronaldo. Where was the rest of the team Kaka Benzema Di Maria Higuaín Ozil Alonso, All i see is three sending offs and three defeats.

Nothing special and only reason not out played is because you lot decided to play dirty instead of playing football bringing the game down to the lowest level draging it threw the dirt hense you never had a game.

You have a primadona in your team thats a fact it was a fact when he was at United and i always mantained that ive a long standing united fan, I have a hate for players that can not stay on there feet Nani being another one.

You will see come the big competions. You require team work not just Ronaldo. Atm madrid have the same problem Man City have money players and no team.

zootang4048d ago


What about Hercules and Real Sociedad?? They beat Barca too. You don't have a clue do you.

Corepred44048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

"Hense recent games Barca vs Madrid. Team vs Personality. I think ronaldo is bad for teams not good. If i want a bit of fancy ill go buy me a show pony if i want a footballer ill go buy messi."
That just made me disregard your whole entire retarded comment. Really you're gonna knock CR7 after he's proved he can play on any team or league? Messi is no joke either but he's had the luxury of only playing for one team!

"All i see is three sending offs and three defeats. "
Hmm, and that doesn't seem funny to you?

OT: As much as I like Casillas, he really should have kept his mouth shut about this. Yeah you can talk about what ifs and all that but there's a reason why you weren't there at Wembley. Come on Casillas don't start, let Mourinho do that kind of talking.

Ninjamonkey824048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

No need for a reply this time ;) Well at least one that requires any thinking anyway.

Sameh4049d ago

It would be much closer than Barcelona, that's for sure.

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