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Van Persie slams Spain and Chelsea

Arsenal striker Robin van Persie has launched an incredible tirade against Spain and Chelsea players, telling them to stop 'bitching' at officials and get on with playing football.

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karim4090d ago

"It's easier to complain about winners than to be a winner" A little fact for you,you hypocrite


The Spanish do get on my nerves though, it's almost like it's forbidden to tackle them as they go down very easily and then they just hound the ref to get the challenger sent off. They were like that througout the World Cup last year. No wonder the Dutch ended up kicking the shit out of them.

HxCGamer4089d ago

we played clean games u failure

thats why we got the trophy for it
we didnt foul and it would only seem common courtesy to not get fouled back

how de jong didnt get a red card for kicking xabi in the chest blows my mind

we won
get over it


There's no doubt Spain are a quality side and when their on form, they can beat anyone easily but when they have to resort to these kind of tactics...

I just find it hard to show respect to them, my favorite one is Torres' dive at 1:40.
lol classic.

HxCGamer4089d ago (Edited 4089d ago )

dude everyone has bad calls during any game

and everyone complains after losing
I'm still pissed about barcelona vs real madrid but i gotta suck it up
you should do the same.

and that youtube video has portugal which CR7, as much as i like him, is known for diving, and netherlands who did not get called for any fouls during the first half.

if you think about the whole second half of the final shouldve been playing 11 vs 9 but you could say the referee helped netherlands....

orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr he just didn't see it, like all those other calls in that video. it happens


That's the problem, everyone is just saying 'oh get over it', 'ignore it', 'it happens', ' it's part of the game'
I'm just amazed how alot of people seem to accept this kind of behaviour on the pitch and feel cheating is now part of the game and we should all just move on, the fact is we shouldn't. EVERYBODY needs to cut it out, We can't just blame the referee, all players have a responsibilty.
FIFA needs to start punishing players if they are caught on camera so this habit gets stomped out of football for good.

HxCGamer4089d ago

i can agree with you there

but videos like there one u previously posted are ridiculous because everyone does it, and the videos just make one team ,in this case spain, look bad when in all seriousness i thought we played very tactical games with little cheating

but i seriously do agree with the fact that everyone should stop. i don't see it happening though

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Mozilla894089d ago

Except Xabi Alonso, he can take a kick

Cheeky Gamer4089d ago

Didn't Chelsea come first in the Fair Play league though?