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Carlos Tevez: When I leave Manchester City I won't even go back there for a holiday

Carlos Tevez has said he will not go back to Manchester even for a holiday when he leaves City at the end of his contract.

The 27-year-old has been linked with an exit from the Eastlands outfit with both Juventus and Inter seemingly interested in the Argentina international.

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TheJack4040d ago

Funny guy:-) I like him

b163o14040d ago

I can understand that. The language barrier can affect you in so many ways. It's like if I moved to South America and spoke no Spanish. I'd probably stay in all time, wouldn't even experience all that I should and have a less then stellar experience.

Anderson84039d ago

i'm still suprised that he hasn't picked up the language in all the time he's been here.. most players seem to pick it up after a year or 2

b163o14039d ago

Agreed, 5yrs in England and he can only few words it's ridiculous

RedDevils4039d ago

I think he never intend to learn English, unless he is really stupid, he need to as least understand the basic words but none of that I see him in the interview

KingsCross4038d ago

Of course. But he must be a really simple guy not picking up the language after such a long time in england. I guess he is just to spoiled to make any effort. So, I think he should thank his own right hand for that one.


5 years and he still can't speak a word of English, that's just pathetic.

BIGBOSS084039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )

pathetic! has his teacher been teaching him the same 1 word over and over? i remeber a few years ago, when baptista moved to arsenal, he gave an interview like after a few weeks. his english was rough but atleast he knew more words than tevez.

RedDevils4039d ago

I think him how to swear is best way haahaa! I bet he learn it after 5 minutes

AstroZombie14039d ago

I wouldn't go on holiday to Manchester either fair play to him lol.

4039d ago
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