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FC Barcelona Sign 10-Year-Old American to Its Famed Academy

A 10-year-old American is preparing to live out what was once an unthinkable dream.

Ben Lederman, a Southern Californian, is packing up all his belongings and moving to Barcelona, Spain, where he is going to be spending the next two years as a member of the FC Barcelona youth academy, considered by many the greatest in the world.

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no_more_heroes4041d ago

An AMERICAN at Barcelona?! Compared to Iniesta?!


KingsCross4040d ago

10 years! He is Spanish at the age of entering the squad of Barca.

Crazy by the way- signing a kid!

Corepred44040d ago

Awesome! Now hopefully he doesn't tank! haha

Sahil4040d ago

Barca is pretty serious about building their youth academy :)

Anderson84040d ago

look how well it pays off.. hopefully the rest of europe will soon catch up