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Future is in my hands - Tevez

Carlos Tevez claims he has been told he can leave Manchester City whenever he wants - and will not stay beyond the end of his contract in 2014.

The 27-year-old handed in a transfer request midway through last season amid reports that he was eager to leave England and be closer to his family who do not live with him, but later reversed that decision.

Tevez, who was offered another lucrative new deal last month after City's FA Cup final success, said in the News of the World: "(Club owner) Sheikh Mansour has made a lot of sacrifices to keep me and if I stay at City, it will be for him.

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KingsCross4046d ago

TEVEZ has been a pain in the ass for evry club he has joined since he left Argentina. He is very good and does a great job, but he is a spoiled and impossible to satisfy. Just cancel his contract, and get players who really wants to play!

sokrates4045d ago

I agree. when he played in Corinthians in Brazil he was just reclaming and flying back to Argentina. Why he left for europe is a big mistery since since he was homesick all the time in Sao Paulo- wich is just a 2 hour flight from Buenos Aires. Only 1 explenation: He is over to collect money. Nothing else.

Sahil4045d ago

So he is leaving.. no.. I think yes wait..