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Worldwide Soccer: 20 Best Soccer Players in the World

With Barcelona potentially having the greatest team ever to play club soccer, that makes them unquestionably the best team in the world at this very moment.

However the best player in the world may not be so easy to decipher...well at least that's what you would think.

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nieuwland143620d ago

woah fabregas' name is francesc i thought it was just cesc.???

Anderson83620d ago

nope, thats his nickname

krazykombatant3620d ago

I know iniesta is good and all but putting my bias opinion of him aside... He's second!!!!?!?!?!

yeah sure whatever.

Anderson83620d ago

ronaldo should be second i'd say.. no1 else is really on the same planet as him and messi

Sahil3620d ago

I wouldn't touch the top 5.. perfectly placed.

zeddy3620d ago

ronaldo should be second surely.

Anderson83620d ago

agreed, i would also say he is an all round player.. every part of his game is strong.. i'm not sure what this article is on about

ned_763620d ago

Didnt another columnist from bleach report publish something like this a week before? They have shitty writers, they should just stick to the NBA and NFL.

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The story is too old to be commented.