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Alexis Sanchez has agreed personal terms with Barcelona

Alexis Sanchez has agreed personal terms with Barcelona, claims Udinese president Franco Soldati, just 24 hours after he said the Catalans were in pole position for the Chilean's signature.

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nieuwland144564d ago

I dont think he would even get to play, with an attack with villa, pedro and leo messi its inpossible to replace one of those guys...

LovIbra4564d ago

Unless Baca is rotateing more (like Fergeson does), he is facing the bench for the most part of next­ season.

nieuwland144564d ago

Agreed, he should go to a club like man city, man u, liverpool or chelsea. All those clubs are in desperate need of a good winger and he would probally be a first team player.

NewMonday4563d ago

will take the place of Pedro, a fantastic player

Anderson84563d ago

@newmonday.. he wont take pedro's place, pedro has been one of barca's highest goalsorers for the past 2-3 seasons

zico4564d ago

Why do Barca even want him? And if he goes I agree nieuwland 14: He will not get to play

DiffusionE4564d ago (Edited 4564d ago )

Maybe they're letting go of Affelay or Pedro(although unlikely) and want a replacement. Anyway, this is not much of a surprise.

C'mon, it's Barca. The current best team in the world. Most young players would want to play for them if given the chance. Maybe he feels he has enough quality to break into the first-team early.

Heck, Mascherano preferred to sit on the Barca bench and play out of position, rather than be the Midfield Marshall for Liverpool.

karim4563d ago

Udinese confirmed that no agreements has been made

guigsy4563d ago

I doubt it, they're already signing Rossi. How would he fit into that already stellar front line?

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