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Reds agree Henderson deal

The Reds have been locked in talks with their Premier League counterparts for several days after making their initial approach last week.

The two clubs have been haggling over the valuation of the 20-year-old, who will undergo a medical with the Merseyside giants on Wednesday.

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DiffusionE4043d ago

Is this how the 'great' Comolli does business? £20m for a kid who had one decent season in the EPL? Maybe next up is Carlton Cole for £30m, while other clubs are looking to get world-class players like Sanchez, Coentrao, Hazard, etc for relatively the same amount or even less.

I know FSG are new to this sport but - REALLY? They talked about "moneyball" and investing wisely, but DAMN. If £35m for Carroll and £20m for Henderson is their idea of "value for money" then I wonder what they consider "splurging".

You can't overpay for a bunch of average players and then expect to challenge for top 4. Not when rival clubs get all the top quality players for the same amount.

guigsy4043d ago

Liverpool aren't in the position to attract world class players, not without any European football. This is why they have to gamble on young prospects from smaller clubs. At least they're building for the future, people should know by now that signing loads of ready-made players for silly money like Real Madrid and Chelsea just doesn't work anymore.

DiffusionE4043d ago

Yeah, but when you pay that same "silly money" for risky average players who're not even half the quality of those "ready-made" players, then you've got to question the manager or the director. And for Liverpool's sake, I hope it's not KD that's deciding to pay over the odds for these players.

NewMonday4042d ago

Ngog is part of the 20m, cash is more likely just 12-14m.

Sahil4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

i think we shud give them some time, maybe it's good.. when we signed suarez I thought his record in the dutch league was awesome, but he wud be an average player in the epl and look he turned out an excellent signing, nobody knows.. maybe jordan turns out the next gerrard or the next alonso.. we don't know..

I was also surprised with the "agree deal with sunderland" but i believe KD can really bring the best out any player, it doesn't matter if it's english or some other and he must have something to do with this Henderson transfer(not comoli alone).

I believe in KKD!

DiffusionE4043d ago

Suarez was a beast in the 09-10 season and did great in the World Cup(except maybe for that handball). What exactly has Jordan done that's so amazing that he's worth almost as much as Suarez(keep in mind the Jan-window inflation)? He's had a decent run this past season so he's suddenly worth £20m?

And why does Liverpool need to spend big on another midfielder? Gerrard, Meireles, Aquilani, Lucas, Spearing, Shelvy, Coady, Suso, etc. The first two are quality players, second two are good squad players, the third two are good back-ups and the last two are future stars.

Now why would a team that has pretty good cover for the midfield and lack so much quality wingers, spend a whooping £20m on another central player, while looking at bargain-bin materials like Marveaux(who is more injury-prone than Agger and Aurelio combined) and Jeffren(a 23 year old flop that gets recognition simply because "he's at Barca") for the much needed wide areas?

Sahil4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Totally agree with you.. we need width not central midfielders, as i said I too couldn't understand why but i think this means that aquilani wud move to serie a.
wat i was looking fwd to was someone replacing alonso(as i don't see that happenin with lucas), a more defensive midfielder not central.. IF they are planning on playing hendersn on the wings, then that wud make him the worst signing.

we cud have got valbuena form marseile for 20m!

"And why does Liverpool need to spend big on another midfielder? "
we didn't need to.. can't really debate on that, as it's been done and we can hope for the best that he turns out a star :)

i don't know what's goin on in the lfc transfer office but why players like jeffren and thiago.. wen we cud get so much better for a lil bettr price.. mata.. menez..

zeddy4043d ago

i think its more like 16mil and 4mil for ngog, so its not all bad atleast they got rid of an average player. tbf comolli does make some good signings, he did it for spurs bale, modric, vdv, sandro so he's no mug when it comes to tranfers.

kulka4043d ago

He is actually a very good buy remember his performance against Chelsea were he dominated midfield he is very talented if he was more consistent he will become a top class midfield player