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Jones set for United switch has learnt Blackburn Rovers defender Phil Jones is at Manchester United having a medical as he closes on a move to Old Trafford.

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Never heard of him, than again I didn't know anything about Smalling and he turned out an excellent buy.
I'm just glad we now have other defenders for cover instead of that jackass Johnny Evans.

zootang3664d ago

Did you not watch him against us a couple of weeks back??


Wow he seems like a top class defender, I can't believe I didn't notice him as I do remember watching that match. A great addition to the squad nonetheless.

Anderson83663d ago

season before last evans was our best and most reliable defender.. dont let this seasons performances mislead you he could be top class aswell

guigsy3664d ago

Yeah he's a no-nonsense defender like Vidic, and could form a formidable partnership with Smalling in the future.

Plus this means we can get rid of the likes of Wes Brown and Johnny Evans.

zeddy3664d ago

everyone forgets he's very fast aswell. this was a suprise though i honestly thought liverpool were going to get him.

RedDevils3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

sound like someone who doesn't follow the EPL or United games, or just watching highlight of goals LMAO Btw Johnny is not bad, he just have a dip in form he was playing great before, and latter in the season he seem to have confident back again


I've watched every United game live this season but I'll be honest I don't follow EVERY team in the league especially Blackburn.

I don't hate Evans but I really do find him slow, clumsy and just useless on the ball, he always always always passes the ball back instead of playing it forward. It probably is a dip in form, he has had some good games but nothing like a Vidic like performance. No offense to him but I just don't ever see him replacing Vidic and Ferdinand in our central defence.

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kulka3664d ago

Good player great potential hope he gets playing time at United

zootang3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

When Rio and Vidic are rested, Jones and Smalling will come out to play. Future of England!

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

kulka3664d ago

England will have some team in like 5 years time maybe they will make it in time for Brazil

RedDevils3663d ago

Weird United have two future CB and Liverpool have two future fullback lol

ohahCantona3664d ago

Great sign! We need a player like him.

fdfd3664d ago

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