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Lucrative Liverpool: Anfield Stadium Re-Developed or Stanley Park Naming Rights?

Liverpool Football Club Managing Director Ian Ayre recently confirmed that the senior club hierarchy have held productive and informative talks with "several" global brands with a view to possibly selling the naming rights for the new stadium in Stanley Park, should the decision be taken to move away from current stadium Anfield.

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no_more_heroes4037d ago

Although Liverpool haven't won any PL titles at Anfield, it still has the soul of the pre-PL era, so I say they try to re-develop Anfield and either keep the name or rename it New Anfield or something.

Arsenal stopped winning trophies the very same year they moved into the Emirates.

From now on I'm referring to Arsenal's stadium as Ashburton Grove, or simply, The Grove. It sounds cooler than The Emirates.

DiffusionE4037d ago

Re-development is fine if you're not looking to dominate Europe in the future. But if you are, then a new stadium is the way to go. Simply because the difference in revenue generated by ticket sales alone is astounding. And when the UEFA FFP rules come into effect, it's going to be critical.

If re-developing Anfield has around 55000 seating limit with no more room for further expansion, and building a new stadium will have about 65000 initial seats with room for further expansions in the future, then it's really no contest at all.

And while it's good to respect emotional attachments to Anfield, it's the fans that carry the memories with them. It's the fans who are truly the heart and soul of the club. And I'm sure if FSG go with a new stadium, it'll still be filled with thousands of passionate Reds cheering the players on just like in Anfield.

This is a chance to make a new history. A chance to write the 2nd chapter on "The Rise of Liverpool". And a new stadium will be perfect to spearhead that revolution. It's time to let the ghosts of the past rest and embrace the dawn of a new era.

kulka4037d ago

Agree with defusion new stadium= extra revenue for transfers but should make the stadium a 70000 seater