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A Little Taster Of What Liverpool Can Expect From Jordan Henderson

Anfield fans have a sneak preview at what £20million buys you from Stadium of Light.

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kulka4034d ago

Top class player very good buy I think he is in the top ten of world's most talented youngsters

kulka4033d ago

And who cares ? nowadays money is the main motivation factor


Really promising young midfielder, no doubt him and Wilshere will command England's central midfield in the future.
Great signing, £20m might seem alot for him now but in a few years he'll be worth more, would love to have seen him at United.


Actually 20million £ is cheap in this day and age...As the year goes buy young players will b more expensive and world class players will just become stupidly expensive..I predict the first 100million£ buy or sell will happen next season. If messi or ronald wanna leave real or barca the buyers must b prepared to bring out more than 100million£ plus.

DiffusionE4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

It IS indeed a lot for a 'work-in-progress' player. But he may cost twice that amount after a few years if he develops to his potential. So it's basically a gamble, and a very big gamble at that, to see if he can live up to his potential by working with some of the best people in the country.

I'm still a little bit put off that Mata costs only about £5m more than him though. But MEH! Even Carroll costs more than David Villa, so......

Sahil4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Good signing.. Now let's go and get some freaking wingers!

johnsonbat4033d ago

Liverpool will make the CL with another 1 or 2 quality signings like this.