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Blackburn Rovers Legal Dispute Holds Up Phil Jones’ Transfer To Manchester United

Blackburn Rovers owners Venky’s are delaying defender Phil Jones’ £16.5million transfer to Manchester United as they demand more money for the teenager.

The Ewood Park board are disputing the legality of the £16million release clause in the 19-year-old’s contract.

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no_more_heroes4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Ain't no way in hell Man Utd is paying £25 million for him. They're not stupid. If this thing is true then Man Utd should pull out of the deal.

Anderson84040d ago

to be honest 16.5mil is too much for this guy

guigsy4040d ago

We are already paying over the odds because he's a young English player. How do they expect to get an extra 10 mil for him?

Anderson84040d ago

nothings simple in football anymore

FlashXIII4040d ago

If he has a minimum fee release clause in his contract surely there is nothing Blackburn can do?