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Darron Gibson ready to leave Manchester United

Manchester United midfielder Darron Gibson has said he is ready to leave Old Trafford, and that he would welcome the opportunity to play under Sunderland manager Steve Bruce at the Stadium of Light.

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He should go on loan but not leave forever....He is a young developing player so i predict in 2-3years time he would come good..In fact loan him to looserpool cuz he needs a mid table club who dose not play football in europe so he can get into the first team...Or even better Assneal who's fans and manager r pedophiles and luv teenage talent AKA teenage boys :D

Number 20 hear we come.Glory Glory man united..The Reds r marching on :)

zootang4040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Chill out dude, concentrate on supporting our club. You only need to go on like that when someone slags off our team. Other wise, you just sound bitter.

Gibbo should go, he hasn't got the right attitude. We should always add a buy back clause though.

Anderson84040d ago

agreed i thought he might come good like fletcher did but he doesnt seem to be able to cut it.. i've seen him play top quality once and that was against schalke