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World Football: The Top 20 Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers are the lonely man that dresses in a different color.

They are the ones that train with different coaches and that play the sport with their hands instead of their feet.

They are the ones that are one mistake away from being guilty of their team's demise.

In short, they're quite important.

Who are the Top 20 keepers? Let's find out.

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kulka4032d ago

Reina 13 WTF he should be at least in the top five

Sahil4032d ago

Totally.. he should be one of the top fives

freeduck4032d ago

Reina worst than Valdes? Then howcome Reina is Spain's second choice keeper after Casillas?
VDS should not even be on the list since he is retired.
Agree Reina should be top 5

RedDevils4032d ago

I know yeah, People thought Valdes is better simply because he play in a team full of Stars, I bet Reina is way better than Valdes

DiffusionE4032d ago

Isn't that the same site that claimed Vidic to be the 3rd best footballer in the world in front of Cristiano Ronaldo?

CYBERSNAKE4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

No offence Liverpool fans but when the top 5 includes Cech, Cesar, Lloris, Van Der Sar and Casillas, then there's obviously gonna be no room for Reina. but yeah I would put him above Valdes at 7.

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