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Diaby: I own and wear a Spurs top

Arsenal star Abou Diaby has risked the wrath of his own fans - by revealing he owns a Tottenham shirt.

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karim3628d ago

Full of surprises,he'll be loved by Arsenal fans more than he was used to.

Yi-Long3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

... you have to HATE the rivals!?

Kinda childish and sad. There are many clubs with a nice history, and I prefer players having respect for opponents instead of trying to suck up with the fans by pretending to join an immature extreem rivalry...

Theres nothing wrong with Diaby's statements. How people react to it is sickening though.

no_more_heroes3628d ago


You know what's funny? I told myself I'd never get to that stage.

Funny how things turn out, ain't it?


Corepred43627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

karim- in case you're new to the internet, just to let you know sarcasm is kind of hard to detect on the internet, probably why golden_cannon got it mixed up. don't worry about it. next time put one of these on the end /s
= P

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no_more_heroes3628d ago

I know, son, that's why I said...

Never mind.

He probably finds it funny. Wonder if he'll still find it funny when someone places that shirt on the sharp end of a Katana and jams it down his throat...

karim3627d ago

You don't know Diaby,he might enjoy it as well

zeddy3627d ago

this is what happens when you invest in foreign players, they dont give a shit about the club, wilshere wouldnt do this.


Well I think its safe to say that Diaby's future at Arsenal won't be a long one.

no_more_heroes3628d ago

It's because he's good friends with Younes Kaboul. Maybe he should join him this summer and end up like David Bentley.

johnsonbat3628d ago

Diaby: "I own and wear a Spurs top"..who owns up to this?

Sahil3628d ago

why are arsenal players doing stuff like this, stuff which wud seriously upset a fan.

Anderson83628d ago

its quite disrespectful

jony_dols3627d ago

Arsene should draft in Roy Keane as his No.2 and scare these overpaid pussies straight.

Hell if it wasn't for Arsene and his backroom, half his squad would still be playing for peanuts in the French 3rd division or whatever shitty league they came from.

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