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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger admits: We collapsed under pressure last season

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has conceded that his charges were unable to handle the pressure last season.

The Gunners were on a quest to break a silverware drought that had lasted five years, and were competitive on all fronts before crashing out of the League Cup, Champions League and FA Cup in the space of a fortnight.

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karim4031d ago

Actually,it's becoming a yearly event


Yep..I was gonna say the same thing..I guess we can agree for once..But its still fcck chelshit lol :D

C u next year chelshit..It will b us Man u and u again to battle it out..I would say its becoming a bit easy..It will b nice once in a while if ASSneal can play wiv d big boys when the new year comes. :)

The funny thing is that wenger is watching man u and chelshit and looserpool make all this quality sigings but he will go to an unknown league in may b the french 3rd division and pick an unknown player and hype him and expect to win ...LOL...What a joke ASSneal is :D

Yi-Long4031d ago

... it was also tactical incompetence on Wenger's part in some of these matches, like the Barca game where he had Van Persie up front as a lone deep striker, while you know Barca will have the most possession, and Van Persie lacks both the speed for the counter as well as the ability to hold the ball long enough for teammates to arrive.

It was just stupid from the get-go, and basically the exact same mistake he made years ago when he tried it with Bergkamp as a lone deep striker.

kulka4030d ago

Agree with Yi-Long Wenger does not know what to do against the big teams signing expierenced players should be their objective this summer