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Manchester United fans 'cautiously welcome' reports Glazer family will float club on stock exchange

Manchester United fans have said they would "cautiously welcome" a move by club owners the Glazer family to float the club on the stock exchange.

But fans are simultaneously worried the American family will walk away with a large profit while their club struggles financially, but are pleased fans will get the chance to share ownership of the Premier League champions.

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zootang4487d ago

Keep the glazers in! Debt has done Barca no harm and we have been doing excellent under them.

guigsy4486d ago

Debt hasn't done us any good either. They've been lucky in the sense that our success on the pitch is servicing the debt, but it's still driving away the real fans who can't afford to buy season tickets anymore, which is why the atmosphere at Old Trafford now like sitting in a library.

zootang4486d ago

guigsy please... We have the cheapest season tickets of the top 6 teams. Our fans come to watch football, not turn their backs to chant.

Anderson84486d ago

dont be ridiculous debt is never a good thing.. they should sell to the red knights..

a bunch of billionaires who are all fans of the club sounds more stable than the glaziers plus the red knights is the coolest name i've heard for a business group!

zootang4486d ago

The Red Knights!! LOL, a bunch of southerners who are made up of Tottenham and Arsenal fans, no thanks!

Anderson84485d ago

i dont think tottenham fans would call themselves 'the red' anything.. its a group of manchester united fans.. i dont see how you view american owners who dont have the money to pay for the club independently and who brought debt to the club for the first time in years as a better option