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Nani admits Mourinho ambition

Manchester United winger Nani has said that he harbours the ambition of playing under Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho one day.

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zootang4035d ago

Nani if you are starting all this now you can just leave!

HxCGamer4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

why wouldnt he?
a lot of players dream of one day playing for madrid


zootang4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

A lot of players also dream of playing for many other clubs. What's your point?? You need our talent because you can't produce your own?? Pathetic club that Barca outshines.

HxCGamer4034d ago

ha keep comforting urself

it seems players like nani are using man u as a stepping stone to get to a bigger club, like Real

haha and didnt barca just destroy you guys a couple weeks ago lol you seem to be quite forgetful

we at least got a trophy beating them

are u enjoying bragging about beating a weak chelsea and a weak liverpool.

Man U will never have as much class as RM
especially if supporters like you follow them.

Anderson84034d ago


you claim your team is better than ours yet while you've been struggling gettin past the round of 16 in the champions league we've been getting to 3 finals in 4 years.. our team is the 2nd best in the world and the stats back that up.. come back when your team wins more than what is effectively a carling cup...

barca beat us thats true.. they also beat you to get to that final and are you forgetting they can stick 5 past your shoddy defence without you getting a sight at goal

i think the semi-final shows just how little class madrid have

HxCGamer4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

you mean the semi final(first leg),where barcelona flopped on the floor for 90 minutes.

we played every match against barca with 10 men and gave them more competition than man u, and the one game that we played 11 vs 11(2nd leg) we should've won except for higuain's goal that was randomly disallowed

I really cant wait for man u to face madrid.
not trying to offend you guys but I think RM is the better team.

And getting to the finals is useless unless u win the final.

nobody cares for runners ups.

That's like me saying that since Madrid lost to barca and they were the winners is like madrid was on the final. PLUS you guys beat shalcke 04 to get to the final; either way we both lost to the so called "best" team, although i think they are cheaters.


man u in recent years might be consistent, but def far from being the best.

well said! everybody buys talent here and there.
RM just tries to get players that will influence the team positively, which is what everyone does

AND one last thing zootang, i know you probably only follow man u, cz u clearly havent realized that madrid in this past years is working with young talent trying to build a team from the ground up.

Ozil- 22
Sahin - 22
Benzema - 23
Higuain - 23
Di Maria - 23
khedira - 24
Canales - 20
Albiol - 25
Sergio Ramos - just turned 25

etcccccccc , if the rumors of neymar are true that would be perfect.

RGB4034d ago

@zootang, true but Madrid has made the biggest contribution to club football international. You can't bash Madrid for need creating it's own talent when Man United ain't much better. Barca ain't the best either, only 40% of the whole team is from the youth team. Bilbao has the best record around when it comes to home grown, youth team systems and records matching this success.

zootang4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

It's just talk, like the same talk Bayern or Inter or Chelsea just talk.

Come back when you have done something worth noticing. You play boring football and then blame the ref when you lose, lol.

Go ask the government for more money! The dole team, lol.

kane_lfc4034d ago

Real Madrid just buy every player and im actually sick of it!

The amount of money they spend is ridicolous and we have had more Champions League finals in the pat 6 years...:/

Real Madrid were responsible for wrecking Michael Owen aswell!

RGB4034d ago


Bashing Real for not making the last 16 for 7 years has nothing to do with the talent of the current team. First of all Madrid went through a period of changing managers and philosophies in these 7 years. Madrid won a few titles in that period but you can't blame the current team for the last 7 years.

Also being in 3 finals in 4 years means nothing if you don't win them. Remember this quote, "Finishing 2nd is the biggest loser!". "2nd best in the world and the stats back that up" Not sure about that. Cop del Rey isn't a league cup but a premier tournament.

Sure Madrid was beaten 5-0 at the start of the season but whats more shocking is how fast Real turned from 5-0 flops to Barca using Ref bullying tactics and simulation to win at the end of the season.

Looking at the 5 games it's easy to see Real was improving and Barca wasn't.

1st - 5-0 Quote Mourinho "Special day".
2nd - 1-1 Penalty Match.
3rd - 2-0 Pepe's Red, 0-0 deadlock until the Red.
4th - 1-0 Kings Cup Victory.
5th - 1-1 Higuain's Goal? No Pepe, Ramos or Mourinho.

So looking at the games Barca won 2, drew 2 and lost 1. Realistically though it should of been a lot different. Pepe's red was laughable, Ramos was booked for nothing yet Alves was diving the whole game! The first game would of finished 0-0 and like Mourinho said, "We could of played 3 hours at 0-0". The second game was influenced by the first, Higuain's disallowed goal was the final nail in the bull**** coffin. Looking back at this Champions League campaign Barca shouldn't of even got to the Semi-Finals, anyone remember the 1 second Red Card for Robin Van Persie? Arsenal was out playing Barca and that Red decided the tie. I wanted Man United to win the final just because I'd had enough of this bull**** where Barca got every decision on a plate but looking at you United fans neither club deserved it.

Anderson84034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

@HxCgamer i never said runners up means anything.. but getting to the final that many times surely means that barca and united are the 2 best teams in europe does it not..

no you couldnt you could say your team has the best history.. i'm talking present teams with present players 3 finals in 4 years losing only 2 barca twice means that barca are top and united are 2nd they are the only team that can beat us in europe so how are we not second

stop harping on about the 7 trophies you won 10 years ago those stats are good for your club and history but have no baring on how good your team is today

and being the best goes hand in hand with consistancy now you sound like an arsenal fan.. they may play better football than us but they're not the better team as they've won nothing in the last 5 yrs and we have multiple trophies.. its like you claiming to be a better team than it makes no sense

Anderson84034d ago


i'm not bashing madrid or blaming their current team i'm just pointing out that a bigger club than man u would have to be achieving better than they are consistently over time.. and that is not the case. i'm aware of their changes in manager etc, agin my point is they are not a bigger club i wasnt referring to their current team when talking about the past 10+years

we are the 2nd most consistent in europe and best in our league how are we not the 2nd best in europe over all when only barca are more consistent? what other way of judgement is their, style of play is not a factor when considering the best teams around thats only a matter of opinion.

copa delray is a league cup, in that it not international and consist of teams from more than one spanish division, though it may admittedly be more comparable to the F.A cup.

dude your clutching at straws.. i could just as easily say that if madrid and barca went out and just played footy in every one of those games barca would have beaten them each time.. fair enough if they play acted etc but you never know what the outcome of a game would have been even if it was 11 vs 11 or u got a good decision. they get alot of ref decisions but thats not what i was even discussing.. although if u wanna talk ref decision talk chelsea vs barca they had it alot worse

HxCGamer4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

lol no it doesnt mean anything if you keep losing to the same damn team everyone is losing to,

its simple logic dude. The fact that u beat fc shalcke means nothing lol

and i agree with RGB entirely , all i see is that barcelona had to cheat against madrid because they get intimidated, but against Man Utd they knew they were going to have an easier time so they didnt.

lol and zootang , you are hilarious. why complain
we have the most titles in europe, what is there to complain about. Keep being a runner up, man u will not be remembered for it. oh and If you think Man U could have beaten RM then you should be bullshit about the barca game too, but deep inside you know RM with their young squad would destroy man u

Plus this all started over Nani wanting to leave man u for a better team. That is right a professional footballer that all of Man U cherish for, said he would prefer Real Madrid.
I wonder why... there was no offer soooo... Nani just knows its a better career choice if the offer ever comes up

oh and in the past years only expensive purchases are kaka and Cristiano so people stop complaining about having poor clubs

lol and when it comes to premier league i am a liverpool fan

i will never be an egotistical man u fan, lol keep being runner ups.. and never aim for first

and we just won the copa del rey which is nothing like the carling cup dude lol dont compare..
and lets assume the current barca team played for the premier league, then man u would have won utter $4it

plus this discussion started by zootang sayin RM was outshined by Barca, when everyteam is technically outshined by the them, you guys just dont have to deal with them.

clearly the only way this could be cleared is if RM and Man U had a frindley or something... either way i still stand with "the fact" that RM is better than MAN U

RGB4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

I think it terms of a club name and legacy no name is bigger than Real Madrid. Football wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for Madrid in the mid 20th century.

Madrid have beaten Barca this year, Man United haven't. That's the facts, sure Madrid played 4 more games but decisions called the tie in 2 of these games. 2nd most consistent? Last year Man United won nothing and this year only the EPL so it's not that consistent to be honest.

Copa Del Rey is the F.A. Cup of Spain, the main domestic cup.

Clutching at straws, hardly. I agree anything could of happen but usual when games are played 11 vs 11 the games are usual closer. Decisions made by the ref decided Madrid's fate and not Barca's play. I also agree that the Chelsea vs Barca game was riddled with ridiculous decisions. By far the worse display of refereeing I've ever seen. 3 major scandals in 3 years; Chelsea, Arsenal and Real. I wonder who is next?

Anderson84034d ago

ofcourse you agree with RGB your both madrid fans....

it is simple logic.. logic determines that if two teams are constintely battling for the european trophy thay are the two best teams in europe.

what does schalke have to do with anything?.. we knocked out the team that knocked out the holder.. whats your point?

i dont think barca are intimidated by teams they bang 5 past.. they do that every week son. they did it because its their rivals same thing happenes when we play liverpool football takes a back seat.. although your complaining about player getting sent off and yet i seem to remember marcelo rolling around twice after crouch didnt touch him and cheering when he got sent off.. does that mean you were afraid tottenham were going to beat you?

your talking about being remembered.. yet madrids name has been out of the champions league history books for ten years.. try harder than that mate..

lol cherish.. nani is a good player with alot of potential but dont get carried away.. he's had one good season and was almost sold last year this aint ronaldo we're talking about, also said he wants to work with mourinho he said nothing of madrid... tru ronaldo thought it would be a better career choice and yet he hasnt won the league or champions league with you yet.. ah well

tbh you sound like a liverpool fan.. clingin on to former glories half of which you werent alive for, claiming your the best with out trophies or performances to back you up.. you'd fit right in at anfield.

.. never aim for first?.. i'm sure we jst came top of the league and where in the final of the CL when you come within touching distance of your league and europe get back to me.. could be a while though so i wont hold my breath.

now your putting barca in the premier league? wtf .. *sigh* i see i wasted my time trying to converse with you.. your living in a fantasy world where your opinion is fact.. although i see why your imagining barca in our league.. its the only way madrid would ever be top in la liga


fair enough.. if you think that thats fine.. but i disagree

lol "only the epl" you make it sound like its easy.. but in the last 4 seasons we've won the league 3 times and been to the champions league final 3 times.. who other than barca can be considered more consistent than that?

anyway.. let us hope united and madrid meet in the knockout stage of the CL next year.. at least that would clear a few things up

zootang4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )


All these boys have is talk, best to leave them to it. We proved we are the best in England and 2nd in Europe. They are just delusional and living in the past.

RGB4033d ago

Facts are facts, Football wouldn't be the same period.

I love how people think the EPL is competitive compared to other leagues, people need to learn the facts. Since the EPL was formed this is the facts between La Liga and ELP;

6 La Liga seasons within 3 pts, 2 Head to Head seasons!
5 EPL seasons within 3 pts.
7 La Liga Seasons won by 2 wins (6 pts).
11 EPL seasons won by 2 wins (6 pts).
1 La Liga season won by 10 pts or more.
5 EPL seasons won by 10 pts or more.

La Liga has always been more competitive. Simple!

Yeah I say only the EPL, Man United has won it 12 times in 18 years. Barca 9 times in the same time period, EPL has been a cake walk for United. United has won the league 3 times with more than 10 pts in that period, one season by 18! Really competitive. Only Barca have ever won a season with double figures and that was 2006.

Since the EPL formation (18 years) we've seen 4 teams lift the Cup.
In the same time we've seen 5 teams in La Liga lift the Cup.

"the champions league final 3 times" Losing twice, nobody remembers the losers. Inter Milan have been just as consistent as United and they beat Barca and have won more recently.

I'd love to see United vs Madrid. Looking at both teams now, I think Real have a better chance plus Real beat Barca and United didn't.

As stated above, being best in England has no validity as it's been a cake walk for 2 decades. Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal were average at best last season. Both Spurs and City were beating them at different points of the season. Also stated above Inter have been just as consistent, have won more and have beaten Barca.

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zeddy4034d ago

nani scored more assists than ashely young last season and scored more goals, so its suprising utd are going for him, dont understand it.

Prophet1124034d ago

I think Young was bought to replace Giggs when he retires and not to replace Nani. Hopefully United get Sanchez as well, having 4 out and out Wingers would promote better competition amongst the 4 of them and give United more attacking options. United really struggled this past season not having a backup winger to fill in for Valencia, which is why I don't understand why people say we have Nani and Valencia and therefore we don't need anymore wingers.


If he wanna go he should... he will b a bench warmer wiv all d stars madrid has he will nt enter d first team..........we have another back stabber like ronald

guigsy4034d ago

He never said he'd like to play for Madrid, he just said he'd like to play under Mourinho. He could be the next Man Utd manager for all we know.

DavidLuiz44033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

AY ZOOTANG WANNABE , why wont you shut your annoying mouth, REAL MADRID DONT NEED HIM- ITS HIS CHOICE



Ninjamonkey824034d ago

Waste of time show boater we have had enough of them already nani gone would be no great loss.

Marid instead of doing the talking try doing some walking lads.