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Liverpool FC Transfer Rumors: 5 Players Who Could Help the Team Win the EPL

Throughout the years, there have been some baseball player come along with truly incredible physical skills, and while baseball players are often viewed in a different light athletically as football players or basketball players, the sport has had its fair share of physical freaks.

Whether it is a hulking power hitter, a guy with an unfathomable mix of power and speed, or an under sized player getting the most out of his small frame, there have been some impressive baseball players through the years.

So here are the 30 most impressive physical specimens in baseball history, be it in the form of hulking strength, incredible tools, or undersized superstars.

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freeduck4493d ago

NZogbia, Adam, Dann and Enrique and I think Liverpool could challenge for the title.

kulka4493d ago

I prefer Aquilani than Adam, Hazard or Mata not Nzogbia we have enough flops by now

Anderson84492d ago

nzogbia is highly overrated and wouldnt help you but i would say adam is far better than aquilani