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Modern Football's Holy Grail: How to Beat FC Barcelona

This seems to be the question on every non-Barcelona fan’s mind.

Barcelona is definitely one of the greatest teams in the history of soccer, but there are ways to beat them. Every team can use certain tactics to beat Barcelona. It is really difficult to beat Barcelona at their own game but; there are other ways to beat them.

So, let’s see how to beat them.

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Hasreza4031d ago

I can't remember who said that we all know how to beat Barca, but to actualy do it is next to impossible. The alleged master technician Morinho had to borrow a page from rugby or north American ice hokey to try to stop Barca from humiliating his expensive team once more, don't you think he can figure out what your article slides to, being the special one and all?
I believe that beating Barca will have to be by fielding a team that has better players than them and try to beat them at their.own game.Again easier said than done!!

KingPin4031d ago

what it takes to beat barca is old school style of play where you man mark the player instead of this type of zonal marking i see in the modern game. its how barca play. nothing new. go watch a man utd team in the 60s and tell me if you can spot the difference.