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Agent backtracks on Neymar to Real Madrid confirmation but believes a deal is close

Agent Ernesto Bronzetti has backtracked on claims Santos forward Neymar has signed for Real Madrid, but says he still believes the move will go ahead.

Bronzetti had told Sky Italia the move was "practically done" and that the Brazilian would be arriving at the Santiago Bernabeu on a five-year contract, but has now said those remarks were hasty.

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HxCGamer4029d ago

if benzema leaves
this would be perfect

RGB4029d ago

To be honest I can't see why people have got it in for Benzema. It's not Impossible to have 4 world class strikers on the same team. Kaka needs to be replaced in my opinion as well. Ganso would be an Ideal replacement for Kaka at Madrid. Madrid could snap both in a duel bid or a rounded figure.

RedDevils4029d ago

Just give Benzema to Spurs or Arsenal lol those are the team that need world class striker

HxCGamer4029d ago

no i love benzema but there was a rumor going around that he was going to leave

but i just read mourhino said they were stayin , either way. we only have benzema higuain and now neymar, i hope we arent keeping adebayor

and kaka will perform really well once his back on form

RGB4029d ago

Benzema, Higuain, Neymar and Ronaldo will make a great strike force. If rumours are true as well Aguero maybe joining as well which will be interesting. I don't understand why Madrid got Jose Callejon back, sure he's from the youth system but I doubt he'll even be a bench warmer. I can see him on loan deals already. As for Adebayor, never ever liked him. He's not Madrid quality in my opinion.

DavidLuiz44028d ago

Hes wants 2 go to REAL MADRID ??

HxCGamer4028d ago

nah i ended up reading that he doesnt want to leave santos anytime soon

Snakefist304028d ago

I hav a feeling that Real will buy both Neymar and Aguerro!

karim4028d ago

That player gives me a headache...Please go to Real

zico4028d ago

madrid already have a lot of good players at that place, why signing him?