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Liverpool Tempted By Move For Former Arsenal Striker

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish is contemplating offering a contract to Cardiff City striker Jay Bothroyd.

The 28-year-old is available on a free transfer after opting to leave the Welsh club when his deal expired at the end of last season.

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DiffusionE4029d ago

OMG! Good news for Liverpool. They're linked with yet another Arsenal reject. Another average player added to the list.

"We don't want £20m world-class players like Mata. We want £20m average players like Jay, Jordan and Charlie. For that much money, they may not be top 4 materials but at least they're British. YAY! Our goal is to be a mid-table team by 2013."

I wonder if Kenny's ambition for next season is Top 4 or avoiding relegation.

RedDragan4029d ago

Who cares, Cardiff are losing a player and they will get no money for him! XD

DiffusionE4028d ago

You're right. That makes everything better. I am so relieved. PHEW!

Sahil4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Dude have some faith.. It's not official or anything.. it's the time of the year for these news blogs to create weird speculations to get some traffic hits.. make money!

I am sure DK and KD won't disappoint us :)

kulka4028d ago

WTF I mean we were linked with world class players few weeks back now we are linked with failures and rejects wtf is going on?

guigsy4028d ago

Seriously I know Liverpool are finding it difficult to attract world class players but being linked with mediocrity like this is just embarrassing. 18 goals in the Championship counts for nothing in the Premier League.