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Is Neymar the new Ronaldo or the new Robinho?

In Spanish, it is common for a football fan or pundit to refer to a special player as a ‘monster’. It means he has potent powers, superhuman strengths, astounding attributes. Lionel Messi, for example, is often called a monster. Un monstruo. Real Madrid target Neymar has also been described in this way, but when he was called a monster by Rene Simoes, the much-travelled Brazilian coach was talking in a much more literal sense.

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zico3019d ago

Robinho isn`t THAT good! Neymar will become a much better player!! I`m sure! Ronaldo was great, and would be difficult to end up better than he was. Unfurtunally a lot of injuring ended Ronaldos career:-(

Yi-Long3018d ago

... he's the new Tom Daley.

He was diving all over the place. Disgraceful.

Computersaysno3018d ago

Coming to england might help that a little. Going to spain will just encourage it

ohahCantona3019d ago

Neymar will become Copa Americas best player. What a talent!

DiffusionE3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

He's got a LOT to prove yet, to be classed as "The new Ronaldo". Ronaldo was a beast by the time he turned 18. Even discounting the fact that he was awesome at dribbling, finishing and seriously two-footed, he was strong as an ox and quick as a deer(his knee suffered for it). Neymar looks too scrawny and lightweight for my liking.

RedDevils3018d ago

the best part RONALDO never dive

Snakefist303017d ago (Edited 3017d ago )

Actually Ronaldo dives heres a vid against barcelona

Everyone was laughing when he dived and Beckham kicked the ball on the ref lol!

RedDevils3017d ago

lmao nice, Love the ref part haha

NnT32913018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

he's like Robinho, cuz he's a bit too confident about himself

zeddy3018d ago

we'll see how good he is in the copa america, hopefully not to good as it would raise his asking price.

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