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Liverpool Third Shirt 11/12 – White with blue & black trim


"We told you yesterday via twitter @footballshirts and on that Liverpool’s third kit would be a white shirt with a blue & black trim. Fans were shocked and couldn’t believe that the club would have blue on the strip, but it is true."

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no_more_heroes4035d ago

I don't care if it's blue, this kit looks fvcking awesome!

Sahil4035d ago

this shud've been the 3rd kit

anyways, the new training range is super awesome, I'm diggin it!

DavidLuiz44035d ago

Liverpool Have the best kits in the premier league i think!

- Im jealous

DiffusionE4035d ago

Maybe it's Adidas' way of saying, "You chose Warrior over us, so we're gonna screw you with this last horrible kit."

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