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Chelsea priced out for Neymar

Chelsea have told Brazilian club Santos that Neymar is far too costly at £41 million and that, as it stands, they have no intention of meeting the player's buy-out clause of that amount.

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karim4027d ago

41M for a 19 Y.O...Insanity

DavidLuiz44027d ago

I mean hes a brilliant kid, but 41 million is sorta too much... -_-

Nightfallen4027d ago

Sorta? It's hella a lot. He's overpriced and only the richest of the rich clubs will buy him.


So that opens the door for Man City...

Theo11304027d ago

He's not going to Man City, no body in brazil know about man city.

Sahil4026d ago

He sure is going to city(not swansea).. if his value is set at 41m