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New Tottenham Home Shirt Is VERY White, And Not An Awful Lot Else (Leaked Photos)

From Who Ate All The Pies:

"Lord knows we like a simple shirt, but it looks like Puma are taking ‘pared down’ to the Nth degree if this really is the new Tottenham home shirt for 2011/12…"

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zootang4033d ago

I prefer these simple shirts like the old days. Instead some shirts look like a boy racer had designed them (Chelsea away).

no_more_heroes4032d ago

yeah, but even a black/navy blue trim around the ends of the shirt (collar, sleeves, sides, etc.) would be nice...

guigsy4032d ago

Class shirt, love the old school style that seems to be coming back.

rDrkja4032d ago

looks class - when the sponsor is on the front aswell, it will look less plain. Assumming they will put a sponsor on the front.