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Chelsea chief executive Ron Gourlay warns potential new boss of the sack

Chelsea chief executive Ron Gourlay has warned the club's potential new manager that he must succeed or face the same fate as Carlo Ancelotti.

The club were criticised for sacking the popular Ancelotti – a manager who had guided them to their first ever Double in 2009-10, his first season at the Stamford Bridge helm - but Gourlay has hit back at the critics.

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The Hunter4024d ago

Whahaha, what is this for BS? It looks like a regime.. Lol, now nobody comes to Chelsea.. I hope no dutchman will doing like so stupid as being a Chelsea coach at this time..

Yi-Long4024d ago

... How can you expect your manager to win each and every season, or else he gets fired? It's just not realistic in a competition like the PL.

Ancelotti did great, yet he had to leave. It's just dumb management by Chelsea, cause now a new manager will have to come in, he will change the team, change the way they play, and maybe he'll win the league, but if he becomes 2nd place, he's out again!? It's ridiculous.

karim4024d ago

Ron Gourlay makes me sick...#GourlayOut

no_more_heroes4024d ago

Ancelotti won the Premier League and FA Cup in his first season, placed second in the Premier League and reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League in his second season, all while making Chelsea play some of the best football they've played in a long while...

...and it wasn't enough. No wonder they haven't found a replacement yet.

mastiffchild4024d ago

He also led us into the two most insipid capitulations in European competition I can remember from a Chelsea side since Ranieri left AND in the middle of the season managed our worst ever run of PL/all competition form in decades.

People tend to forget, and it's OK because like the idiotic sacking of Wilkins which also helped Chelsea lose their way this season he knew the score when he arrived. He came to make Chelsea play prettier football(only partially achieved) and to win the CL(which he's got NOWHERE near and been out thought both years by a WIDE margin and found wanting when it comes to having a way to change things from the bench)and as a result he's gone-and I LIKED Carlo after not wanting him here to begin with. He's a rare thing in football-a selfless and caring man with class and a heart. The way he's supporting hi charity rather than keeping the profits from his bio is incredibly touching but Chelsea should have won the league both seasons he was at the Bridge(and at a canter the first season)but mid season runs in both seasons nearly derailed him the first and did the second time.

Is it god for Chelsea that Roman has ZERO patience? NO, no it isn't but let's not kid ourselves into thinking the big error is in sacking Carlo because it wasn't-the big error was RA failing to reconcile with Jose and ruining our chance of building a dynasty and Mourinho, himself, ever developing beyond a results man as a coach. It hurt both Chelsea and Jose more than either like to admit but it's so damn true it's painful to see-such a waste on both sides.

In my view the sense in the spoken about Hiddink plus one set up is plain but Hiddink, as the ONLY football man Roman likes and trusts these days,might be too wise to take on a job that could upset his popularity espcially if he were to oversee the reign of a failed Van Basten at Chelsea. If VB WERE(or any other younger coach under Guus)to be appointed and to fail/be sacked and treated generally badly by RA-naturally.

no_more_heroes4024d ago

It took Fergie five years to win his first title with Man Utd, who at the time had not won the title for over two decades. There were at least two times when he was seriously threatened with being sacked, but they stayed with him. Look where Man Utd are now.

guigsy4024d ago

Chelsea are becoming the Real Madrid of the Premier League... a laughing stock.

johnsonbat4024d ago

You're right there, plenty of quality players but with a revolving door for each manager how can they get consistency?
Ron is just a mouth piece for Roman who is a muppet. If Chelsea do not to have any success in the next couple of seasons I'd say Abramovich will get bored and take his money elsewhere sending Chelsea plummeting from their over inflated, money stack. Chelsea in the Championship by 2015.

karim4023d ago

You do realise we stayed more than a decade in the premier league without the help of Roman ? Go take your trolling elsewhere

johnsonbat4023d ago

Oh please, someone makes the slightest derogatory comment about Chelsea(tounge in cheek I might add)and you bring out the troll comment. Don't get too precious mate, the way Mike Ashley is carrying on at Newcastle I'll probably be supporting a championship team yet again next season. At least then we might have a chance to win a 'the league' again hahaha.

DavidLuiz44023d ago

We were like the spurs without Roman U fucking dumbass , hahahaha - Your a Joke ... Your mouth is full of shit and dont know what your talking about

- We were good without Roman , you idiot!