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Highlights: Mexico 2-1 Guatemala (Gold Cup, 2011.06.19)

0-1 Carlos Ruiz Gutierrez 5′
1-1 Jesús Aldo De Nigris 48′
2-1 Chicharito 66′

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Corepred44119d ago

Chicharito has to be my favorite Mexican player. Followed by a close second by Dos Santos. I love that Chicharito is finding so much success on this Mexico team since he plays on a English team. Always giving my cousins a hard time by telling them that I think the Mexican soccer league is garbage! lol Way to go Chicharito and Mexico.

DixieNormS4119d ago

Its not garbage, Compared to Europe. Is it less atractive yes but not garbage. The mexican league is among the top 20 in the world. I grew up watching it. I love it. But I love European soccer way more now.

Towers4119d ago

Somebody shoot the commentator, was so annoying every time he said goal. It wasn't even said with passion it was just some kind of catchphrase thing.

Corepred44119d ago

Disagree with you. And I can tell you've never watched Mexican League soccer. The announcer has a lot of passion when a goal is made.