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Porto deny Andre Villas-Boas bound for Chelsea

Porto maintain the 15million euro release clause for manager Andre Villas-Boas has not yet been triggered, as their coach looked set to head to Chelsea.

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ohahCantona4116d ago

great coach, great deal for Chelsea. As United suporter I don`t like it:-(

zico4116d ago

Special one number two for Chelsea!? Maybe the best coach they could get....

no_more_heroes4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

He's like a more attack minded Mourinho - the improved attack and worse defense means he'll still win by mostly 1, maybe 2 goals. Be prepared for a lot of 2-1, 3-1, 3-2 and 4-2 results. Would be fun!

zico4116d ago

maybe some players from Porto with follow him. Bad news for Porto. I was looking forward to see them in CL next year among the best once.

Sahil4116d ago

I still don't think he'll take up the chelsea job, it's like a gamble nowadays.

mastiffchild4116d ago

Not MUCH of a gamble to a manager in a career where you could be sacked at any club at any time and Chelsea offer you a very good shot at both glory AND a certainty of financial security FOR life if you win or you screw it all up. Where's the gamble?

Did Jose's have issues with finding work after Chelsea had already made him independently wealthy? Will Carlo? did Claudio? Christ, even Grant got more jobs on the back of the Chelsea stint he did! I just don't see a gamble as nobody counts anything against you apart from RA if you "fail" at Chelsea and you are going to get PAID either way. The only guys who would see it as a massive risk are those ALREADY in better or equal jobs and that's, what, about five to ten people?

I just don't see any risk whatsoever to a manager going to Chelsea as it won't cut off any career routes whatever the outcome and offers a massive chance at glory with a sure fire financial bonus. If only I could be offered a job with such prospects and insurances-esp in football. I fail to see anyone counting much against Carlo after him leaving Chelsea as he still won an average of a trophy per season and got Chelsea a first domestic league and cup double to add to his AC trophies. Scolari as bulletproof as well and took the Chelsea job, imho, to feather his nest without having the stomach for a fight so i's JUST as if not more risky for Chelsea.

hulibim4115d ago

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