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Santos' Neymar: Only one proposal can make me go and that must make me happier than I am now

Santos star player Neymar has reaffirmed his happiness at staying with the Brazil club but has left the door open for a move away in the future. However only one proposal can make him more happy than he is at the moment and it is not just a question of buying out his contract that is stopping him moving to Europe.

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Is anyone else getting sick of hearing from this kid, it's obvious he's ending up at Real Madrid.

SantistaUSA4118d ago

Why are you sick from hearing from him? He's a team player, he doesn't talk trash, he respects everyone and he is making history in Brasil! He wants to stay in Brasil, and I'm glad. Seems like people that can't take him anymore are just jealous!

Santos TRI Libertadores! :D


I'm not gona judge this kid till I see what he can do in Europe, but the amount of hype surrounding this guy is getting outta control, we're getting several articles submitted every hour about him going 'I want to play Champions League football', 'I love Santos', 'I think I can be better than Messi' , 'There's no reason I should leave Santos now', 'I dream of playing for Europe's top side'..... blah blah blah.
And I am a 100% sure he'll end up at Real Madrid, he has that certain attitude about him where he'll fit right in.

SantistaUSA4118d ago

@CYBERSNAKE, most of those articles are journalists trying to get attention, he haven't said any of those things, he never said that he thinks he's better than anyone, but he has said that he dreams in one day to become the best in the world. The kid loves to play in Santos F. C., he makes major money there, no reason to leave yet.
What attitude that he has that bothers you? I know Portuguese, and again, journalists twists his words, for a 19 year old, he is doing an awesome job.


He just has this arrogance about him, I dont know if it's from the journalists twisting his words but he reminds me alot of Robinho who was all talk and no end product. There's a huge spotlight on this kid because of his performances in Brazil but Europe is a whole other stage and I'm not yet convinced he'll turn out to be the player people are making him out to be. We'll see what happens.

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FlashXIII4118d ago

Guy clearly won't come to the prem.. he isn't good enough for the league nor strong enough or have the work ethic to succeed over here.. enjoy your ego getting stroked at Madrid!! Look forward to hearing about you in 10 years time as the next washed up Ronaldo/Ronaldinho.

sickshot694118d ago

I'm sure you're doing better than him right now.......
He just won one of the biggest titles in the americas which is the libertadores cup.
Neymar is extremely skilled, so he does not lack skill or the work ethic. I agree that he is missing the strength to play there.
(then again he is only 19) He's doing the right choice by staying in Brazil, he still needs more experience.

o yeah about Ronaldo...
Ronaldo has done more than any prem player in his time of playing.His injuries forced him to retire and gave him a major setback in his skills.
Ronaldinho is still good, maybe you should watch him play sometime.
Please, don't be a hater.

SantistaUSA4118d ago

I couldn't have said better myself! in less than 2 years he has helped Santos F. C. win 4 titles!!! :D

FlashXIII4118d ago

True Ronaldo's story is unfortunate but it doesn't change the fact he had to retire for no other reason than that he couldn't keep his own weight down. That's not something a professional athlete should ever have to retire for.

Ronaldinho.. he was once the greatest in the world and he let fame and the party lifestyle get to him and screwed up his own career. Sure he might still be good but he's a shadow of what he would have been if he had a professional attitude towards the sport.

sickshot694118d ago

ronaldo has a thyroid problem
and I agree that ronaldinho could have been better if he had taken the right choices in his soccer career

Rage_S904118d ago

Whatever happens as long as hes not at chelsea im happy