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USA to Meet Mexico in the Gold Cup Final on Saturday

Mexico beats Honduras 2-0 in extra time while the U.S. defeats Panama 1-0 to reach Saturday's Gold Cup Final. It will be their third straight finals meeting with Team USA having won the 2007 finals and Mexico taking the 2009 tournament.

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freeduck4121d ago

Should be a good game to watch.
I would say USA will win but tough call since Hernandez is on a streak

zootang4121d ago

Chicharito!! This Saturday I will be Mexican for one day. I'll be drinking Corona and eating tacos all day!

In Sir Alex I Trust, United We Stand!

zeddy4121d ago

mexico are a lot better than usa. plus the mexican fans with outnumber the americans in the stadium even though the tournament is being played in america.

Infernostew4121d ago

I'm American and while I keep track of a lot of American abroad, I don't know half the players on the pitch. They are just not looking very good and with a questionable back four and chicharito Bering on fire in the tourney, they are in trouble.

Alexvizzio4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

At least, it would be a match without so much hacking and tackling as it was the script during their previous games. Both teams got pretty bruised up by the other Caribbean and Central America teams that, due to their lack of tactics and skills had to make use of very faulty play in order to stop Americans and Mexicans. Not only that but, this tournament displayed some of the worst theatrical outburst by players who, would crumple down to the grass like if hit by lightning every time they lost the ball or diving inside the goal zone trying always to hoodwink the referee. That´s why they didn´t make it to the final game.
It may not be the zone with the best football in the world but, when Mexico and USA play each other there is always a good match. I´m Mexican but, I hope that the best always wins!

Ramon3MR4121d ago

Can't wait to watch it tomorrow!